Gravity Classes preferred choice for preparation of JEE and NEET
Gravity Classes of Lucknow is the top preference for preparation of JEE and NEET examinations. In engineering and medical, the selection ratio of this institute has consistently been the best in the state. Keeping this in mind, Gravity Classes has become the first choice of coaching for IIT JEE and NEET aspirants. Those who have achieved success in the past years also vouch for Gravity and call it the best thing that happened to them. Gravity Classes has produced over 5000 selections in IIT JEE and over 4500 in various medical entrance examinations so far.


Know about Gravity Classes
Gravity Classes was founded in the year 2015 by renowned chemistry mentor Ashfaq Sir. Preparation for selection in JEE and NEET is being done under the able mentorship of many IITians and amazing teachers . Due to the hard work and quality education of experienced and skilled teachers, and the highest success rate, this coaching has reached the epitome not only in Lucknow but in the entire state in a very short time. In such a situation, to ensure the success of their children, parents are giving priority to coaching through Gravity classes.

Preparation is done by the best faculty
The best faculty in the industry prepares the students for IIT and NEET exam in Gravity classes. Along with teaching the children, the teachers here resolve their doubts as their mentors. Dedicated to the holistic development of the children, the teachers pay attention to the children not only in classroom but outside the classroom also. Most of the teachers here have 20 to 25 years of experience. This is the reason why the selections from Gravity classes is always at high.

Focus on children- success mantra
Gravity Classes gives full attention to all JEE & NEET students. In most coaching, the focus is on creating a separate batch of meritorious students resulting in average and weak children being ignored. But this is not the case in Gravity classes. The teachers of the institute give full dedicated attention to all the children. Special classes are conducted in the institute for the complete preparation of weak students.

How is Gravity different from other coaching
There is no distinction between weak, average and bright participants in Gravity classes. While other institutes focus only on meritorious children in the greed of increasing admission next year, Gravity focuses solely on the candidate. In other students, even if one or two children make it to the top rank, then by showing their names, they become successful in increasing the number of admissions next year. But Gravity Classes focuses on the success of as many children as possible, rather than a select few.

A look at the results of previous years of Gravity Classes
In JEE-2016 result 39 out of 40 students of the institute cracked JEE Main; Whereas 31 out of 39 students cracked JEE Advanced. In the same year, 40 students were selected in MBBS.
In 2017 result, 80 out of 85 children were successful in JEE Main and out of these 80 appeared in JEE Advanced and 63 achieved a better position. In the same year 32 students were selected in MBBS.
In the year 2018, 317 out of 332 students cracked JEE Main and 228 out of 317 cracked JEE Advanced. In the same year, 304 out of 379 children of the institute were successful in NEET.
In the year 2019, 436 students out of 550 cracked JEE Main. In the same year, 79 out of 80 students of the two-year school program were successful JEE Main.
Similarly, in the year 2020, 643 children of the institute achieved success in JEE Main and 261 cleared JEE Advanced. In this year 132 students selected in MBBS [CRP +DLP].
In the year 2021, more than 200 children of the institute succeeded in JEE Advanced. In the same year, 132 children of the institute were selected in MBBS. Most of them also became toppers of the city.
Zahid Khan secured 100th rank, Mohammad Ajan secured 207th rank, Prashast Singh secured 1032nd rank in the whole of India.
In the last year, more than 200 children of the institute were successful in JEE Advanced. Out of these four children made a rank in the first 100. 37 out of 40 children of SRG batch were successful in JEE Advanced. 153 children scored more than 99 percentile. In 2022 also in NEET More than 600 children of the institute got selected for MBBS. Out of these, 31 children secured more than 650 marks. Naman Agarwal got 152nd all India rank, Abhimanyu Kumar got 311th, Moti got 405th, Sarvagya got 974th, Imran got 1132nd and Hana Asim got 1224th rank.
In JEE Main-I of 2023, More than 600 have succeeded. More than 100 have scored above 99 percentile.

Gravity Classes Alambagh – Lucknow

Address : Shri Pratap Mall, Opp. Pheonix Mall Plot No.-KBC-6, Alambagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226401

Mobile Number : 8400002983

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