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Precise, Well Designed and Implied Techniques of Teaching that Enable the Students to Excel.

Theory of each topic is discussed in detail in regular classes. The exercise pattern in our sheets is designed as staircase and students can practice to upgrade his knowledge from basics of the topic to the top most level. Exercise of each topic is divided as.

Exercise 1: Sub topic wise easy questions, discussed with the flow of theory.

  • Sec A : Easy level Qustions (SCQ) Single Choice Questions
  • Sec B : Moderate level Questions (SCQ) Single Choice Questions

Exercise 2: All concepts learned in theory classes and practiced in Ex. 1 are given different platforms

  • Sec A : SCQ (Single Choice Questions) mains level
  • Sec B : Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ ) advanced level
  • Sec C: Comprehension, Matrix matching, Assertion Reason.

Exercise 3: After completion of Ex 1 & Ex. 2. Students should check whether he/she has achieved required level or not.

  • Student can check through the questions asked in JEE (Main & Advanced).
  • (In the form of test paper) which is time bound
  • Self Test I (Main Level)
  • Self Test II (Advanced Level)
  • Self Test III (Board Level)

Exercise 4:

  • Sec A : Integer type Questions JEE (Main +Advanced) level
  • Sec B : Subjective problems (JEE Advanced level)
  • Sec C : Olympiad level

Note : Each an every questions of Exercise would be thoroughly discussed in regular classes.

Tests : Regular tests are designed for practice of students and to inform the guardians, the approximate progress and status of students preparation via, sms, e-mail.

Test are mainly three types : 1. MT (Mains Pattern) / 2. AT (Advanced Pattern) / 3. ST (School/Board Pattern)

During the whole Curriculum MT, AT & ST are conducted periodically in every 20 to 30 days and the syllabus of the test is announced at least 10 days before the test.

Revision Plan for Students

Without revising the concepts of running topics and topics taught previously, each student can not retain all the concepts till the final exam of JEE (Main or Advanced). We have a mechanism named DPP (Daily practice problems) in which 50% Questions of last or running topics and rest 50% belong to the topics taught one month, Two months or even Six months back. DPP's are designed in such a manner that the tough part of every topic is repeated at least five times through student's vision. DPP are not only distributed timely but regularly discussed in class by the faculty members in each subject.